How to book your space

General car bookings will open up on Thursday 9 March, 2017 at 9am (QLD).

Please ensure to use a desktop computer to book your tickets and use Google Chrome as your web browser.

Click Here to book Zone 1 – Green Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 2 – Red Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 3 – Yellow Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 4 – Blue Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 5 – Pink Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 6 – Purple Zone Δ
Click Here to book Zone 7 – Orange Zone (Kirra) Δ
Click Here to book Zone 8 – Grey Zone (Jack Evans) Δ

Once you are in the specific Zone map that you would like to book in,  within each Zone map you will be able to select the car space that you would like to book. If the car space has already been reserved it will be greyed out and you will not be able to access it.

Please note that once you have clicked onto a car spot you will have 15 minutes to book and pay for the car spot. If you do not finalise your booking within the 15 minute time slot allotment, the car space will automatically go back into the pool for other people to reserve.

We highly recommend that you have your credit card details ready and on hand once the online system has been opened to reduce the risk of being timed-out mid booking.

Step-by-step instructions for booking your car through the online system are available here.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with these instructions prior to the online system opening to ensure a smooth booking process.

This year we have upgraded the booking process and will be using a new online booking system, Eventbrite. This user-friendly online system is very easy to navigate.

Car spaces can only be booked through our online booking system. Please note that no car bookings can be made in person, via email or telephone.
All bookings must be made online.

Cooly Rocks On™ 2017 Car Display

Car lovers will have the opportunity to be a key part of the Cooly Rocks On™ 2017 Festival by displaying their vehicles throughout the event precinct. The Show and Shine display has become a highlight for many visitors and an integral part of the festival’s Rock ’n’ Roll and nostalgic atmosphere. In order to qualify for display, all cars must be 40 years or older (plus run on models).

This year we will have up to 1300 car spaces available at the Cooly Rocks On™ 2017 Festival. Please click on the below links to access the map of each Car Zone.

Zone 1 – Green Zone Δ
Zone 2 – Red Zone Δ
Zone 3 – Yellow Zone Δ
Zone 4 – Blue Zone Δ
Zone 5 – Pink Zone Δ
Zone 6 – Purple Zone Δ
Zone 7 – Orange Zone (Kirra) Δ
Zone 8 – Grey Zone (Jack Evans) Δ

We recommend you peruse these maps prior to the online system opening in order to familiarise yourself with the car areas and to choose where you would like to reserve your space in advance. Car spaces book up very quickly, so it’s best to find a few different spaces that you would like to book in case your first choice is not available.

Car Entrant Information

Car Entrant Information Packs are now ready!

Click here to download your pack

For all reserved car booking entrants, please click on the link to download your information pack outlining all bump-in information, timings, maps, exit and entry points, Vintage Vans Info, exclusive links as well as Car Cruise information and marshaling points.

Car Display Costs

Prices of cars will differ from Zone to Zone and costs will also vary depending on the placement of cars within each Zone. Costs of each car space will be displayed by hovering on the space in each map in the online booking system (Eventbrite) when the system opens.

Zone 1 Δ, Zone 2 Δ & Zone 3 Δ
$70.00 Streetside car spaces (+ $7.00 GST + 0.05%* Booking Fee from Eventbrite)
$80.00 Beachside car spaces (+ $8.00 GST + 0.05%* Booking Fee from Eventbrite)

Zone 4 Δ, Zone 5 Δ & Zone 6 Δ
$60.00 car spaces (+ $6.00 GST + 0.05%* Booking Fee from Eventbrite)

Zone 7 Δ and Zone 8 Δ
$50.00 car spaces (+ $5.00 GST + 0.05%* Booking Fee from Eventbrite)

All prices are exclusive of GST

A booking fee will be charged by Eventbrite at an average of 0.05%*
(*Varies per booking to a maximum of 0.06%)
Please note, Eventbrite displays the full price payable and should be considered prior to your ‘seat’ selection and/or payment.

Shannons Super Cruises
Car Cruise

The Shannons Super Cruises will take place on the evenings of Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June, 2017.

Entry to the Shannons Super Cruise is included in the car booking cost, however spaces will be limited for each night so prompt reservations are required to avoid missing out.

Online bookings are now open.  Please click here for further details on how to book your space.


Car Entrants will have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Car Entrant T-Shirt for Cooly Rocks On™ 2017.  The Car Entrant T-Shirt can be purchased from the Merchandise hut throughout the duration of the festival.  This T-shirt will be made available exclusively to Car Entrants only and a car booking ticket will need to be presented in order to purchase the T-shirt.

What’s Included in the Fee?

Each Car Booking Entrant will receive a special Car Pack which will include:

  • Free Entry into the Shannons Super Cruises Car Cruise on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening (limited spaces, registration required)
  • Welcome Beach BBQ on Friday, 7.30pm (QLD time) for Car Entrants
  • Two (2) Car Runs, one in QLD, one in NSW
  • Specially designed CRO 2017 Car Entrant’s Sticker
  • Specially designed CRO 2017 Car Cruise Entrant’s sticker (for those entering in the Friday and/or Saturday Car Cruise)
  • Various vouchers and special offers
  • Memorabilia Garage Penant Flag, Key Ring and Patch
  • Exclusive access to Entrant merchandise via the official licensed merchandise retailer
  • Dedicated car space throughout the two-day Show ‘n’ Shine Display

Welcome BBQ

Kickstart Cooly Rocks On™ with a free Welcome BBQ for car entrants to catch up with old friends and welcome new, on Friday 9 June at 7.30pm.

Enjoy a sizzling steak sandwich, a chat, and a good ol’ ogle as the cars arrive to set the scene for Cooly in 2017.

The Welcome BBQ will be held at the Rotary BBQ Food Vendor site: CHFV2.

The BBQ site is in the Marine Parade Park, just opposite the corner of Warner Street and Marine Parade, and can be found on the ‘Coolangatta Hotel to Greenmount’ map on page 3 on the attached map:

Food Vendor and Exhibitor Map

The Welcome BBQ is complimentary to all pre-booked Car Entrants, however your spot must be pre-registered in order to attend. Please click here to reserve your place.

All pre-registered Car Entrants will receive a Food and Drinks voucher entitling them to a complimentary Steak Sandwich and Soft drink at the BBQ.


Further Information

Once you have booked your car space you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your car booking spot.

In May 2017 you will be sent an email with detailed instructions for displaying your car and a map of how to access your coloured Zone on the day.

A car pack is included for each car booked, and will include your car sticker to access your specific coloured Car Zone. Please ensure to clearly display this car sticker on the lower left hand corner of your windscreen when entering your Zone and throughout the duration of the Festival. If you have booked to enter into the Shannons Super Cruises Car Cruise, a separate Shannons Super Cruise sticker will also be provided in your car pack.

Car packs will be available from Wednesday 7 June, 2017 and the exact details of where to collect your packs will be detailed within the email sent from the organisers. All packs will need to be collected by 5pm on Friday 9 June, 2017.

For ease of access your Car Entrant sticker must be clearly displayed upon arrival at your Zone.

Due to road closures, cars will only be able to enter and exit their Zone during allocated hours of the morning and evening of Saturday 10 June and Sunday 11 June, 2017. No cars will be able to enter or exit the Zone outside these allocated time slots.

Should the weather conditions change, Entrants will be advised and communicated with by the Zone Manager as to the contingency plans. This information will also be provided in your car pack.

Please refer to the FAQ page for any further questions you may have.

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