Johnny Pandora (JPN)

Johnny Pandora and his band on motorbikes

With black hair, black eyes, black leather, Samurai Rock ‘n’ Roll Johnny Pandora is busy keeping rock ‘n’ roll alive in the heart of the Tokyo. Johnny, or Daigo Yamashita, started his musical journey in Tokyo at the age of 18 after first encountering rock ‘n’ roll during junior high. He followed his new passion and released his first CD in 2011, titled Jeana For Young. He went solo soon after the success of his first album and is now a mainstay performer throughout Tokyo and other major metropolitan cities around the world. He is known around Japan for his unique style of fashion and music, infusing traditional Japanese music styles with specialty music of his own rock roots such as rockabilly, punk, and blues – or what he calls Samurai Rock ‘n’ Roll.

From starring in music videos for artists like 5 Seconds of Summer to performing around the world, we can’t wait for Johnny to bring the essence of his warrior ancestors to the Cooly Rocks On stage!

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