The Kieron McDonald Combo

Delighting audiences for years with their energetic and original interpretation of 1950’s rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll music, The Kieron McDonald Combo are one of the most well-known rockabilly acts in Australia.

Kieron is well known for his singing and songwriting, both at home and abroad, with a total of eight CD releases and three vinyl releases spanning 18 years. After spending many years out of Australia, Kieron teamed up with some of Melbourne’s finest roots musicians – Dave Cantrell, Andrew Lindsay and Til Vex to compliment his style of traditional rockabilly.

Totally living up to the 50s-inspired lifestyle, from the way they dress to the music they listen to and cars they drive, The Kieron McDonald Combo deliver authentic, wild, garage-style rockabilly, hillbilly bop and rock ’n’ roll music in total style that’s guaranteed to have you jivin’, boppin’ and strollin’ on the Cooly Rocks On dance floor this June 2022!

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