Paul Bonsey started Rock n Roll dancing back in the sixties but found himself playing guitar by the 90’s. He started Zed 28 about ten years ago, naming the band after his Camaro because classic cars and rock n roll just go together.

Zed 28's line-up of Paul (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mickey Riff (lead guitar and vocals), Peter Novak (upright bass) and Roger Lewis (drums and vocals) has only been together for about a year, but they finally have got the ingredients right.

Their music is danceable rockabilly, based on rock n roll and rockabilly and the aim is to have a lot of fun on stage and then hope that transfers to the people on the floor.

Playing at one of the main venues at Cooly Rocks On, the biggest 50s and 60s nostalgia festival in Australia, they packed the place out, and the band has two tours planned for 2017 - one of Northern New South Wales and one of North Queensland and Mt Isa.


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