All Things Vintage Fashion with 2022 Pin-Up Pageant Winner Maizie May

Maizie May after being crowned Miss Cooly Rocks On 2022 holder her bouquet and crown

The Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant is an annual celebration of the differing lifestyles, cultures, fashions, hair and make-up of the eras gone by.

With three exciting rounds in the contest, the pageant gathers Pin-ups from across the world where they can showcase their unique takes on the ‘Classic’ and ‘Rockabilly’ styles we know and love.

Whether you’re an aspiring Pin-up wanting to compete, or are just in need of some vintage fashion advice, we’ve got some tips and tricks from the one and only Maizie May, our 2022 Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant Winner!

What are three vintage fashion staples you have in your wardrobe?

A good swing dress that can be dressed casually or dressed up, and white canvas shoes. Despite my love of dressing up, I am very much a practical person and do love items that are comfy, can go easily together, and still has that vintage vibe. Oh! And red lipstick, it’s essential and how some people in my local community recognise me from a far haha.


What do you think is the easiest way to up-cycle a piece of clothing? Is there something you think everyone can do?

The easiest way to upcycle a piece of clothing for a beginner would be adding embellishments, which these days you can easily find iron on ones, or a hot glue works well too, which means no sewing and easy to do. For example, adding rose patches to a plain black jacket that needs some extra wear and love.

Maizie May wearing a vintage floral dress with matching hat and gloves

What is your favourite fashion era and why?

The 1940s! Everything, the fashion, the music, their resilience at life. Yes, it was a hard decade, but they made the most of it. It can also teach us so much about making do with what we have and stretching our food or items further. In a sustainable aspect, ‘making and mending do, save buying new’ is a motto I have adopted from the decade. I believe we all can reflect and learn how to live more simply and appreciate what we have. And no, I wouldn’t want to go back in time, I can appreciate from a far and be grateful on how far society has come since then. #vintagevibesnotvintagevalues.


What made you fall in love with vintage fashion and pageantry?

It all started when I received two pieces of vintage clothing from my Aunty who had worn them back in the late 50s and early 60s. I was 16 at the time and it was something I had been looking for to define and shape myself as a person, putting the items on, it just felt like me. From there, my vintage and retro style began, evolving over time to then discovering pageanting once I moved closer to Brisbane as an adult. I decided it was an exciting way to share my love of vintage, and the rest is history as they say.

What was it like winning the Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant in 2022?

Very much surreal and an instant overwhelmingness of happiness. For me I tend to showcase who I am on stage and to be recognised for being myself and my creativity was such a heart-warming reward. I went in the pageant for fun, to meet other people and to challenge myself, I didn’t imagine that I would walk away as a winner, and so very appreciate to have done so.

Do you have any tips for Pin-ups considering applying this year?

Embrace your weirdness, uniqueness and showcase you on stage. Yes, it can be daunting, but we have so many hidden talents that can help inspire people in our community, so let your light shine.

The 2023 Pin-up Pageant application is open now! Throw your hat in the ring for your chance to be one of the lucky finalists invited to compete during the festival. With Pageant Winner, Runner-Up and the Most Entertaining Award up for grabs, this could be your year!

Applications close on 21 March 2023, don’t miss out.

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