Fire Up Fridays – Learn more about the cars from yesteryear!

We can’t be transported back to the days of yesteryear without transforming the streets of Coolangatta. To do that, every year Cooly Rocks On gathers hundreds of classic cars, hot rods and more for our Show ‘N’ Shine to help turn back the clock on this iconic precinct.

Many of these beauties join us at Cooly Rocks On annually, and we wanted to highlight not just the incredible amount of work that goes into building and maintaining these prized possessions, but the person that’s behind the wheel and their stories.

Tom – 1953 Hudson Hornet

The Cooly Rocks On Show ‘N’ Shine attracts car owners and lovers far and wide, even as far as Tasmania! Tom bought his 1953 Hudson Hornet when he attended Cooly Rocks On five years ago, whose previous owner had brought it all the way from Tasmania.

The Hudson Hornet, famed for its impressive records on the American circuit back in the 1950s caught the eye of Tom immediately. Since buying the car, he has rebuilt the motor, engine bay and refurbished the entire interior to have it look as good as new, with the whole process taking just around 12 months. Still in its original paint coat, you can expect to see a few “Fabulous Hudson Hornets” parked up along the streets of Coolangatta this June.

Bill – 1956 Holden FE Special Sedan

 Part of Holden’s third series of motor cars, the FE Special Sedan followed on from the previous FJ models with a slight change in body style for a more modern feel. Still fitted with the same old-school 138 grey motor, the car previously belonged to Bill’s brother who over his lifetime owned more than 200 vehicles!

The FE Special Sedan has now been in Bill’s family for over 15 years and is one of 10 in Bill’s garage. With no power brakes or power windows, and in Bill’s words “a handful to drive”, Bill can only take her on the road to car club sanctioned events, such as Cooly Rocks On.

Tony – 1955 Plymouth Cranbrook

Purchasing classic cars the modern way, Tony actually found and bought his 1955 Plymouth Cranbrook on Facebook. And thanks to social media, he was able to get in touch with three previous owners of the vehicle so he could be fully informed of the car’s history.

Since then, Tony has transformed her to drive comfortably on the road with a full engine, gearbox and interior rebuild. The whole process took around one year, where Tony’s motto as a “old” car owner was drive, break, repair, repeat. Now freshly done up with pin stripes, Tony has taken her to every Cooly Rocks On since purchasing her in 2017!

With over 900 classics, customs, hot rods and more joining us for Cooly Rocks On last year, we can’t wait to fill up the streets of Coolangatta again for all car appreciators and owners to enjoy. For the owners who are coming from out of town and want to have their pride and joy on display throughout all five action-packed days of Cooly Rocks On, make sure to check out the Early Bird Show ‘N’ Shine and weekend Show ‘N’ Shine to secure a spot before they’re all gone!

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