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Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant!

The beloved Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant returns for 2024, celebrating the timeless fashion, hair and makeup of yesteryear. 

This crowd favourite event, combining elements of the ‘Classic’ and ‘Rockabilly’ pageants invites Pin-ups from diverse backgrounds to showcase their style and flair.

If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a Pin-up, get to know a little more on the Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant below.


Step one – submit your application! Whilst it can be a big first step, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Simply select which style you’d like to enter the pageant in – Classic or Rockabilly and let us get to know you!

From your favourite artists to the most influential people in your life, the application asks some simple questions to allow our selection panel to understand who you are. You can find more details and the application form here.

At Cooly Rocks On, we encourage talent from all over the country and the world to apply! Regardless of style, gender, belief or sexual orientation, the Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant is open and welcome to all who dream of dazzling the crowds. If you’re still having second thoughts, take a listen from our Top 3 Pin-ups from 2023 – Bunny Boulevard, Lou Lou Fontana and Miss Lulu to ease your mind!


Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be notified of your status after applications close Sunday 17 March.

Finalists will be selected to participate at the 2024 Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant, held at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast from 5 – 9 June. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to attend the festival on Wednesday 5 June in the morning for a sashing ceremony, followed by the pageant which will be held on Friday 7 June.

The pageant will be hosted inside the Elvis Marquee in front of a live audience and held across three exciting rounds, each designed to highlight an aspect of your personality and style.

Round 1 Day Wear – Show off how you would have a ball during the day wearing your best daytime outfit!

Round 2 Uniqueness of You – Shine the spotlight on your personality! What talents do you have that can set you apart from the other Pin-ups? 

Round 3 Evening Wear – What are you wearing for a night out on the town? Dress to impress for the evening!


In 2024, the Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant will have two winner categories – the ‘Cooly Rocks On Classic Pin-up’ and the ‘Cooly Rocks On Rockabilly Pin-up’, followed by the ‘Most Entertaining’ award.

Together we hope to celebrate both the ‘Classic’ and ‘Rockabilly’ styles that have come to define Cooly Rocks On. The ‘Cooly Rocks On Classic Pin-up’ and the ‘Cooly Rocks On Rockabilly Pin-up’ will both win a cash prize of $750, and be officially crowned at the pageant! 

But that’s not the end. Both Pin-ups will also present the winner of the 2024 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at the festival, and return to Cooly Rocks On next year as a festival advocate and judge for the 2025 Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant.


Here at Cooly Rocks On, we’re strong on vintage vibes, not vintage values and we certainly hope to see Pin-ups from all backgrounds come and celebrate with us.

If you’re passionate about the fashion, hair and makeup of yesteryear, make your mark at the 2024 Cooly Rocks On Pin-up Pageant and submit your application today!

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